November 1, 2003

Parallel Entry: Party for your Right to Fight

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Meanwhile, in the present:

My friend Joe, mentioned in the entry below, is doing something I think is pretty cool. He and some friends have a webpage,, which is organizing a boycott of CDs for the month of November to protest the music industry’s war of attrition against its customers. So, unless you bought CDs since waking up this morning, you still have time to join this boycott.

Now, my reaction when he showed me the URL–this is pretty early in our friendship–was, “Oh, great, a pro-piracy advocate. Just what we need.” But I was wrong, because the site is not about getting music for free–it’s about getting a reasonable product for a reasonable price. So, those who sign on to the boycott also pledge not to pirate music during the month of November. (Go to the site; the FAQ section can clear up these and other doubts.)

I think all of this is great; I’ve signed up, and I hope you’ll do the same. There are other ways to listen to music than by paying $16 for it or stealing it. I’d go on, but the site puts it better than I could. Think it over.



  1. It’s like Fight for your Right to Party, but you mixed it all up! BRILLIANT!!!!11!1!!!

    Comment by angel23 — November 2, 2003 @ 11:26 pm

  2. I refer you to Public Enemy, “It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back,” track 16, “Party for Your Right to Fight.” Don’t worry, I’m not in any danger of becoming creative all of a sudden.

    Comment by Tom — November 3, 2003 @ 12:30 am

  3. Great idea, though I find it sketchy that they don’t have -any- information about who runs it. Not even doing a whois search. Why couldn’t it just be the government/RIAA setting up a sting to collect user names?

    Comment by locks — November 3, 2003 @ 8:23 am

  4. well even if it were a sting all they could say is that you don’t buy CDs or pirate music because if you sign you’re SUPPOSED to stop doing both. so they really couldn’t get you on anything. besides not everyone who signs pirates music. my mother wouldn’t even know how to begin to pirate anything but i think she signed.

    Comment by ariela — November 5, 2003 @ 6:59 am

  5. Now hold on a minute, I think that $18 is a perfectly reasonable price to pay for a new CD, regardless of how much music is on the cd. I mean, what, those CDs must cost at least a few cents to make, and the booklets inside, like, a buck or two, and then the casing probably adds a few more cents, and if my math is right, that definitely adds up to $18. At least, I think it does. Either $18 or $1.67. Big diff!

    Comment by Bret — November 5, 2003 @ 10:34 am

  6. *happily signs petition* *which is not so difficult, since she can neither afford to buy CDs at the moment and has no internet with which to pirate music anyway!*

    Comment by Ash — November 5, 2003 @ 11:19 am

  7. Well, i signed the thing. I proudly promised to stop stealing music for a couple weeks and continue to be unable to afford cds. That’ll show ’em!

    Fight the machine!


    Comment by Brian — November 6, 2003 @ 12:37 am

  8. alright now tom, i’ve been waiting a full 5 days for another entry and i don’t see one. i’d like to complain to the managment here. what, do you think you have a life?? (p.s. 44 days until the wedding)

    Comment by ariela — November 6, 2003 @ 10:38 am

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