December 6, 2003

And the daddy tomato says, “Ketchup.”

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Just to get caught up on a few news items in my life:

I got my Joyce paper back, I got an A/A-. Yes, they give grades here; it’s a shock but probably a good one since I’m going to be required to give grades to my students so I should remind myself how the system works. There are a few revisions I have to make but nothing that’ll take up much time. Other than that, I have a small paper for my Romanticism class, as well as a take-home test (!!!) for that same class. Then I’m done with fall quarter. Since the major piece of work was done about three weeks from the end, and since I don’t have class next week (finals week), this one is ending with more of a whimper than a bang. Still, I’ll be glad to be done, and my review of the quarter is definitely Success.

As for next quarter, things are up in the air. I didn’t get into the Emily Dickinson class, and I’m waitlisted on my second choice–a class on technology and culture, which I think would be a great help for my blog paper. At least I’m in my third choice, on medieval romances, and I might still get into that tech class. Or I could audit it, although the idea of attending three classes while I’m teaching sounds insane; still, I guess I’ve gotten to the level where I’m supposed to do a lot of extra work just because I love it.

I’ve settled on the rules for the Universal Drinking Game; thanks to everyone who contributed. They are:

1. Drink whenever someone is bitten by a snake (or stung by a scorpion, etc.) in an embarrassing part of the body and needs someone else to suck out the poison.
2. Drink when one character says he or she has something to tell another character, but is prevented from doing so (by the other character saying, “Tell me later,” say, or by the sounding of the Emergency Alert).
3. Drink whenever a fruit cart is overturned, and an angry vendor shakes his fist. (The orange restriction suggested by Brian has not been adopted, although you can take an extra drink for oranges if you’re an alcoholic.)
4. Drink whenever anyone reverses the polarities.
5. Drink whenever foreshadowing occurs, in any form. Drink again when the foreshadowed event comes to pass.
6. Drink whenever someone gains access to a strange computer system without any knowledge of the passwords, or with only a “backdoor” password. Also drink whenever a character, by hacking a computer system, is able to control something that probably wouldn’t be controlled by a computer system (cf. the school sprinklers in Hackers, or the traffic lights in The Italian Job).
7. Drink when one of the principals asks the other if s/he trusts or believes him/her. Drink again if the other principal says, in essence, “I don’t know.”
8. Drink when a character doesn’t say “goodbye” when hanging up the phone.

I think that should keep us drinking through our movies for a while. Print the list out, take it with you when you watch a movie with friends. Get people involved.

That’s all my news. I’ll be back in Berkeley in a week, and that’s something I’m very excited about.



  1. Tom, you shouldn’t put your grades on your blog. Too personal. What’s next, the lengths of your pees? “I got a 5.6 rating for my first official pee, which was 35.8 seconds long. Not great, but not bad either. Hang in there!” Yeah. Do that. The pee thing.

    Comment by Bret — December 6, 2003 @ 2:07 pm

  2. I won’t post any more grades, but there are a few Sarah Lawrence students and alums reading this and I thought I should remind them what a grade looks like.

    Also, what does it say about my blog that two readers have suggested I post information about my bodily functions?

    Comment by Tom — December 6, 2003 @ 2:25 pm

  3. It says that your blog doesn’t have enough bodily functions. Go to it, Tom.

    Comment by julie — December 6, 2003 @ 4:20 pm

  4. Y’see, i remember grades well. I got them at BADA, i checked my SLC grades to work out my GPA (out of curiousity), and i still don’t get your paper’s grade. Is it borderline between an A and A-? And if so, why not just add a whole bunch of letters, or give a good old-fashioned percentage grade? Too many gradients spoil the GPA weightage.

    How’s the phlegm?


    Comment by Brian Watson-Jones — December 7, 2003 @ 8:23 pm

  5. important manatee post in reponse to pats comment on the last entry!

    go here

    poem by denise duhamel– “why, on a bad day, i can relate to the manatee”

    its rawther sweet.

    Comment by alex — December 10, 2003 @ 6:55 pm

  6. Dude, it’s time for another blog. I am clamoring, and God knows I only clamor for things of the utmost importance. Not just most; UT-most. Ut.

    Comment by Bret — December 11, 2003 @ 10:28 am

  7. Heard an interesting rule for another game you might want to consider adding-

    Drink whenever you incorrectly say another person has to drink.


    Comment by Brian — December 11, 2003 @ 1:29 pm

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