February 26, 2004

I’m gonna hit you till candy comes out!!

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Oh for…

Okay, I’m going to try not to have a one-track blog, but this really, really pisses me off. This is an article that Bret put in a comment on the last entry, but I wanted to put it here to make sure everyone saw it and got their day ruined as badly as mine was.

The following is excerpted from an article by Orson Scott Card, much-beloved sci-fi writer. The whole thing is found here, but here’s a particularly salient point he makes.

“In the first place, no law in any state in the United States now or ever has forbidden homosexuals to marry. The law has never asked that a man prove his heterosexuality in order to marry a woman, or a woman hers in order to marry a man.

Any homosexual man who can persuade a woman to take him as her husband can avail himself of all the rights of husbandhood under the law. And, in fact, many homosexual men have done precisely that, without any legal prejudice at all.

Ditto with lesbian women. Many have married men and borne children. And while a fair number of such marriages in recent years have ended in divorce, there are many that have not.

So it is a flat lie to say that homosexuals are deprived of any civil right pertaining to marriage. To get those civil rights, all homosexuals have to do is find someone of the opposite sex willing to join them in marriage. ”

You read that right: Gays are not oppressed. They can marry people of the opposite sex just as easily as you or I can.

So this is why it’s so important to maintain the integrity of heterosexual marriage: so that people who can’t love each other, who aren’t even attracted to each other, can have lots of babies for America.

Up until the late ’60’s, many states had laws forbidding miscegenation–the unnatural marriage between people of different races. But what’s so bad about that? Black people and white people had the same marriage rights: the right to marry people of their own race.

I believe the relevant quotation comes from Anatole France: “The law, in its majestic equality, forbids the rich, as well as the poor, to sleep under the bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal bread.” And it forbids straights, as well as gays, to marry people of their own sex. That’s equality.

I recognize that Card is a Mormon. I’m fine with him being against a class of human beings based on his goofy space religion. No one’s making him go to gay bachelor parties or anything like that. But the fact is that thousands of gay people are forming the same sort of committed, monogamous relationships the right loves so much. They deserve equal protection and recognition before the law. They deserve the right to screw up like the rest of us.

I’ll close with one more quote from the world-renowned author of Ender’s Game:

“Let me put it another way. The sex life of the people around me is none of my business; the homosexuality of some of my friends and associates has made no barrier between us, and as far as I know, my heterosexuality hasn’t bothered them. That’s what tolerance looks like.

But homosexual “marriage” is an act of intolerance. It is an attempt to eliminate any special preference for marriage in society — to erase the protected status of marriage in the constant balancing act between civilization and individual reproduction.

So if my friends insist on calling what they do “marriage,” they are not turning their relationship into what my wife and I have created, because no court has the power to change what their relationship actually is.

Instead they are attempting to strike a death blow against the well-earned protected status of our, and every other, real marriage.

They steal from me what I treasure most, and gain for themselves nothing at all. They won’t be married. They’ll just be playing dress-up in their parents’ clothes.”

Fuck you, Orson Scott Card.



  1. Wow.

    And, you know, while we’re on the subject, there’s absolutely nothing invasive about the Patriot Act — if you’re afraid of the government monitoring you, just don’t do anything wrong! Geez, people. Get a clue.

    Also, let’s re-segregate the schools. And stop women from voting. And exile fat people. And send communists to the moon.

    Comment by julie — February 26, 2004 @ 9:43 pm

  2. if we exhile fat people, can we send them someplace nice? i like spain! spain is good!!! i wanna go back.

    Comment by ariela — February 27, 2004 @ 7:32 am

  3. …all the heroes are dead.


    Comment by Brian — February 27, 2004 @ 11:26 am

  4. I’ve always been a fan of the joke:
    “If right-wingers hate homosexuals so much,
    why don’t they LET them get married.”
    But anti-matrimonial humor aside,
    I’ve never understood any objections to
    gay marriage.
    Although I suppose the white man’s vote has
    been devalued now that women and minorities
    have them, too.

    Comment by Pat — February 27, 2004 @ 2:33 pm

  5. wait a minute! if a gay person has equal marriage rights because they can marry a person of the opposite sex just like we straight people can then i want the same rights as these gay people in vermont! i want the right to marry a person of the same sex. why should these gays have all the rights??

    Comment by ariela — February 27, 2004 @ 2:48 pm

  6. I hadn’t yet thanked you for the link to that article, BTW. I’ve been writing two responses to it, one rational and logical and calm, and the other a firey volcanic explosion of frustration.

    …wait, why was I thanking you again? *scritches head* *wry gryn*

    “Fuck you, Orson Scott Card” sums it up pretty well. Sigh. I’d like to think that one of my favorite authors, whose book changed my life, would know better…

    Comment by Fae — March 1, 2004 @ 8:57 am

  7. More like, Orson Nott Smardt (The d is silent, like in Rembrandt).

    Comment by Bret — March 2, 2004 @ 11:41 am

  8. ….Bret, have you been working on that for five days?

    Comment by Tom — March 2, 2004 @ 12:10 pm

  9. No, 3.

    Comment by bret — March 2, 2004 @ 4:58 pm

  10. hey tom. finally got around to checking out your blog, six months later. πŸ™‚ it’s been a while since you gave me the address in E398 last fall. here i sit avoiding the paper i have to finish. stumbled across your blog address. found an entry about orson scott card’s comments on gays. thought i knew what they’d contain. was pretty much right. see, i know my people pretty well. i’m mormon.

    i recognize your right to rant. it is your blog after all. but i’d ask that you not criticize whole groups of people for criticizing whole groups of people. even in a rant. if you’re not sure what i’m talking about, it’s this:

    “I recognize that Card is a Mormon. I’m fine with him being against a class of human beings based on his goofy space religion.”

    i appreciate just about everything you have to say on your blog. you’re an incredibly intelligent person. and maybe i shouldn’t criticize you in your own forum (at the risk of making myself sound like a prick, which i suppose is anatomically impossible anyway). however, it does tick me off just a bit to hear myself condemned for something i would never do.

    so please, in the future, when you classify someone who you disagree with, classify them on the grounds of the thing you’re disagreeing with, not on their religion. or their race. or their sexual preference. or any other defining factor that sets them apart from you. isn’t that what you’re objecting to in card’s remarks?

    amy (parkin, if you haven’t figured it out by this point).

    Comment by amy — March 26, 2004 @ 7:58 pm

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