April 5, 2004

Do engines get rewarded for their steam?

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Since I last posted an entry, I have:

–taught my last class of the quarter, entertaining my students by performing my rap

–won an essay contest

–gotten an extension on a seminar paper

–stayed up all Wednesday night writing a sub-par, research-light seminar paper for a different course

–entertained serious worries and doubts about my ability to stay at graduate school

–stayed up all Thursday night grading papers and entering final grades

–given two students non-passing grades

–left Irvine at 5:30 am on Friday to drive up to Yosemite with my friend Glenn

–watched Glenn crawl through the grass to within fifteen feet of a curious gray fox

–waited anxiously for Julie to negotiate the winding roads of Yosemite late at night and meet us for a poorly-planned rendezvous

–enjoyed a weekend at Yosemite, camping (for the first time in years) near Yosemite Falls

–spent a week with Julie in Oakland

–tried to relax, only to find myself nagged by thoughts of extended seminar paper and aforementioned worries and doubts

–bought an iPod with my contest money

–been reminded of how much I like the Bay Area, particularly in springtime

–given my OK to a plan to demolish part of my old room in order to accommodate new plans for the backyard

–dropped my cell phone down a grate next to Lake Merritt in Oakland; called the city to have them come open the grate; watched the workers try in vain to open the grate and get at the phone, which by that time had been swept out of sight anyway

–returned to Irvine, not necessarily prepared for the new quarter

–bought a used phone that’s a lot like my old one, but not as good

–gotten four e-mails from one student (made famous by her e-mail posted here a couple weeks ago) who disagreed with the non-passing grade I gave her

–felt a little better upon hanging out with a few of the gang here, earlier this evening

In the next few days, I will:

–begin anew

–teach my first class of the new quarter

–attend my first Colonialism in the Americas (Mon.) and Henry James (Tues.) classes

–watch the Giants open their season in Houston on ESPN

–fly to San Antonio to attend the blog conference

–finish my seminar paper (maybe)

Overall status: Harried. Unable to shake the feeling that this quarter will make or break my time here at grad school. Not feeling the same kind of optimism that characterized the start of winter quarter.

Any questions? Good. Then let’s begin.


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  1. Aw, it sounds like you’re doing pretty good to me. I especially like the plan to open up your room to the back yard. That’s the kind of bold architectural move I admire.

    Keep at it. You’ll continue to kick ass.

    Comment by Devin — April 6, 2004 @ 11:17 pm

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