April 30, 2004

Advertising wondrous things

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A bonus entry, to satisfy Bret’s whining for at least a day or two:

To continue the proud tradition of blogging about spam (example 1 example 2), I wanted to report that some time ago I received the worst subject line in the history of spamkind.

The subject line was: “BLOW YOUR BALLS APART!!!”

Someone, somewhere, wrote that. Someone thought that the way to market sexual enhancement blahdyblah to men was to suggest the image of their balls EXPLODING. I mean…are they exploding from too much potency, or something? I’ve heard of busting a nut, but this is horrific.

I’ll stop writing now, because my meager talents can’t possibly be as funny as that subject line. “BLOW YOUR BALLS APART!” Man.


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