June 15, 2004

Try this trick and spin it

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Finals time again, with a vengeance. (Vengeance for those bad final papers I turned in last quarter, presumably.) This quarter is a lot more manageable than last, since I’ve only got one large paper and one small one to complete, but it’s not really less stressful since I’ve got to clear out of the apartment and catch a plane on Saturday. Writing under a professor’s deadline isn’t fun, but it’s a lot more flexible than a 4:15 flight out of John Wayne. (The Orange County airport, if you didn’t know.)

Last time she was here, Julie asked me how my first year of grad school went. “I don’t know,” I said, and I really don’t. I’ve met some cool people, and I’ve read some important books (or I think I have, it all went by so fast), and I guess I must be learning how to do this. But it’s going to take some unhurried reflection, of the kind a summer data-entry job can provide, before I can see this year as something more than a string of due dates.


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  1. You are wise to realize that.

    Comment by Andrew — June 19, 2004 @ 5:45 pm

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