June 24, 2004

And the people in the houses all go to the university

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Okay, enough griping–I’m ready for an optimistic entry. Seeing the Giants beat the Dodgers is enough to get some spring back in my step. I’ll be finishing my essay tonight, and hopefully wrapping up the last of my apartment issues, and then it will well and truly be summer.

I’ve got some decent plans for this summer. I’ve given myself a reading list, covering many of the books I really should have read by now (and some that, according to Sarah Lawrence syllabi, I really should have read). I want to work on getting my blog paper published, before it becomes completely obsolete. And I’ll have to revise a paper for my MA Review, which will be taking place in the upcoming year. Other than that: relaxing, with no real office work to get in the way (case in point: where do you think I’m writing this?).

And man am I happy to be out of Orange County. As I was packing things up on Saturday, the song “Little Boxes” kept running through my head. It took me a while to realize why: for two months, I get to live in the land of varied architecture. And “Fahrenheit 9/11” is playing on like 8 screens in the East Bay alone. I missed you guys.


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