August 24, 2004

My car is better than your shoes

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I failed my second driving test. I was freaking myself out, putting so much energy into appearing to be an alert driver, looking around like a neurotic poodle, that I didn’t actually notice things like, y’know, yield signs. Believe it or not, I feel pretty good about the whole thing (not to say I didn’t do some swearing afterwards)–I feel like I finally have the perspective & patience to I suppose part of it is that there’s no way now to take the test before I go back down south, so that bit of pressure is off. Anyway, I’ll re-take in a couple weeks.

So, it turns out I’m on my way back to Orange County as a non-driver after all. As a consolation prize, however, I have a car! I’ve bought Julie’s beleaguered red Neon in preparation for when I finally, finally, finally get my license. And I even have a name for it! In view of its many mechanical…intricacies, and in honor of the musical artist who gave us the song “My Hooptie,” I dub the–pardon, my–car, “Sir Fix-A-Lot.”

Rollin’ four deep, tires smoke up the block
Gotta roll this bucket, ’cause my Benz is in the shop
Four door nightmare, trunk locks’ stuck
Big dice on the mirror, grill like a truck
Lifters tickin’, accelerator’s stickin’
Somethin’ on my left front wheel keeps clickin’

(This is just tough love. It’s a good car. I like the car. It drives fine. However, it is true that I can’t take the drive test in it because the speedometer doesn’t always work.)



  1. Hey man- wow the wonders of google. I got one of those annoying e-mails and it piqued my interest to see where my Berkeley High buddies are these days.

    I’m currently working at Apple retail and interning at a motion graphics company doing 3d graphics: Soon I’ll be moving to Honolulu, Hi to live with my girlfriend while she completes graduate school.

    Welp gotta go,


    Comment by Jon Howe — August 25, 2004 @ 4:32 pm

  2. Wish me luck; i’m going now to take my driving test.

    Written, but you know.

    Yay car song!


    Comment by Brian — September 3, 2004 @ 9:23 am

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