September 7, 2004

Who’s gonna drive you home tonight

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…yeah, I passed my test. It wasn’t exemplary, but it was good enough. I was still completely nervous throughout. My last tester, debriefing me after my failed attempt, suggested that I prevent nervousness by pretending not to be taking a test: “Imagine you’re just on a date with your girlfriend, and she’s telling you how to get there.” Well, this tester was a 5’6″ twentysomething woman, but even so, I couldn’t do it. I drove with my heart in my mouth the whole time, but there was only one place where I almost failed. (I took too long to brake and the tester did the “psychic brake” thing, stepping down hard on the floor but not saying anything that could be regarded as “tester intervention.”)

I congratulate you, my readership–you will never again have to read an entry about my driving test. From now on, it’s nothing but homework here at Tomemos.


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