October 7, 2004

Your day will come indeed

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Okay, so I haven’t blogged in goddamn forever. I know. Partly I’ve been busy, partly I’ve been me. Very sorry. This entry will kick off a renewed spate of blogging that will hopefully last me at least to my finals.

(I wrote this entry, and uploaded it…and it didn’t go. Then, when I went back, I found that it had deleted just about everything I wrote. There is a certain kind of karma here. Anyway, because of those misadventures, the text below is about the first Presidential debate. Hopefully the second one will be similar.)

Man, the Presidential debate was fun, wasn’t it? Even after four years, making fun of Bush never loses its flavor. I wasn’t sure I could trust my own reactions, sitting as I was in a room full of Kerry supporters–I kept thinking, “Is Bush getting beat as badly as I think he is?” It was so gratifying to come home, turn on th enews, and learn that yes, oh yes, everyone knew how badly he was getting beat. Man, was that a shellacking. Favorite moments: “Of course I know Osama bin Laden attacked us. I know that”; “I don’t think we want to talk about how he’s going to pay for all these promises [to protect America]”; “I see on the TV how hard it is [in Iraq]”; and the entire Missy and P.J. Johnson story, particularly “I had to love her as best I can.”

I know I’m something of a slave to the media narrative, but I’ve gone from bleak to hopeful yet again. Two weeks ago I couldn’t even look at a newspaper for fear of more “How Badly Is Kerry Doing?” headlines. Now I’ve managed to be re-convinced. The polls show a tie, and Kerry will do better than the polls. Undecided voters break against the incumbent, historically, and anyway the Democrats are trouncing the Republicans in new voter registration. So I think it’s Kerry’s to lose.

Some good links to give us hope:
Richard Saletan explains the Bush doctrine that, the worse things are in Iraq, the better we’re doing…

…a video shows us how to do a convention right (it’s hard to describe, just watch it)…

…and a song by Harry Shearer (of Simpsons and Spinal Tap fame) confirms that, yes, the war in Iraq is Hard Work.

New post soon! Truly!


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