August 25, 2005

God, sometimes you just don’t come through

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I’ve been following the Gaza pullout with interest and a fair amount of optimism. I’ve been particularly impressed with the resolve and professionalism of the military in executing the operation. They didn’t refuse to perform the mission, they were compassionate but firm, even in the face of obstinate and sometimes (understandably) hysterical settlers. My other main fear, that the Palestinians would disrupt the process somehow, was also not realized. I knew that the pullout wouldn’t solve everything, but it still seemed like things were on the upswing.

Well, of course it’s the State of Israel that has to spoil the party:

Israel Confirms Plan to Seize West Bank Land for Barrier

This is the kind of shamelessness I’d expect from the Bush administration, the equivalent of calling a logging measure the “Healthy Forests Initiative.” Isn’t Sharon worried that this is a little too transparent? After all the paranoid anti-Israel cynics claimed that Israel was just pulling out of Gaza in order to strengthen its hold on the West Bank, don’t you think he would want to wait more than one day to prove them right?

And the media is rolling with it, as always. Not only was this story not on the front page of either of the newspapers I looked at, it wasn’t on the front of their websites, either; I had to follow two links to find the story at The most bizarre example of whitewashing was on the front page of the SF Chronicle. There was an article about economic conditions in Gaza in the paper’s continuing series, “The Disengagement.” Below that article were the words, “Seizure: Israel to take land, expand settlement. (A12).” Um, guys, does it seem like “disengagement” might be only part of the story?


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