October 26, 2005

An irreverent never forgets

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Here are two hilarious and related internet time-wasters, the first exhaustible, the second not.

The first is this guy on eBay who left surreal and funny feedback many, many times. Unfortunately eBay eventually made him stop doing that, so nowadays it seems he just writes “OMG GREAT TRANSACTION!” But back in his prime (which starts about here and goes on for three or four pages) he left a few choice ones:

“Good buyer, if you like buyers like that. I’m not saying I do. But he’s good.”

“Man oh man oh man oh man oh man! MAN! You know what I mean?”

“Once left, I cannot edit or retract this feedback. So thank you for paying me.”

The second is a guy who writes Amazon reviews under the name “J.E. Swearingen.” He, too, seems to be getting flack from the Man–Amazon doesn’t have many of his reviews on the site anymore–but I was thrilled to see that he has a blog, “Buy Curious,” which has recorded his reviews for posterity. Here’s my favorite:

“Toddler Boys’ Miles Brown Boat Shoes

Availability: This item is currently unavailable.

One Cavaet, August 28, 2005

These shoes are working out great for our youngest son, Branathyn, but I found, after he was wearing them for a while, that I had to make some changes. First of all, we put some new laces in, because the old ones we’re a little “raggedy.” Secondly I cut the tongue out to keep the shoes whispering lies in the dark of the night and poisoning my son against me.”

Go check them all out now!


October 23, 2005

You ought to give me wedding rings

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Part of the reason it’s been such a long time since I last blogged is that I have something big to announce, big enough that I had to build up my resolve to put it out here. Not because there’s anyone I don’t trust with the information, and actually some of you know this already. But it’s the first time I’ve ever put Big News on my blog, and I guess that feels like a big step to take.

Regardless, here it is: Julie and I are engaged. I mean, duh, you read the title of the entry and everything, but there it is. We got engaged last month, before leaving for Iowa. It’s something we had been talking about throughout the summer, and it grew from a fun thing to think about–to overstate the level of fantasy involved, it would be fun to be a major league baseball player, too–into a genuinely feasible and thrilling idea. The premise was that, once Julie finished her time at Iowa, we would want to begin our lives together in earnest, and that marriage would be the best and most official way of I know that nothing compels me/us to get married in order to be together–my parents, for one (two?), were surprised that I would want to make such a commitment so young–but it feels right. We know we want to be with each other, we’ve had plenty of time to live together, we don’t feel that a waiting period would make any difference. Basically, we’re eager to get married.

The reason I bring it up now is that I just went to Iowa last weekend and gave her an engagement ring. Her mom gave us her old ring, and I put it on a new band and brought it out there–certainly the most valuable small (defined as less than one pound) object I’ve ever taken on an airplane, that was kind of nervewracking. I was nervous about the presentation, as well, because I had kind of gone out on a limb and gotten the ring re-set in a way that we hadn’t explicitly agreed on, for more money than we might have thought. But it looked beautiful, and she loved it. All weekend long, she would absentmindedly stick out her hand and watch her ring finger sparkle.

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