April 8, 2006

A two-way street called Trust

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The inimitable Kindle said once that the recipe for cuteness is a big thing made small, or a small thing made big. This is true. It’s also true that a cute thing is made disturbingly funny when it does something awful or has something awful done to it. To whit:

First, this thing I should have told you all about long ago: a TV show on Channel 102 (like Channel 101, it’s a site where users create TV shows and the most popular ones get to put up more episodes). Created by my acquaintances at Waverly Films, it’s at least as good as anything else they’ve done. There are three compelling, hilarious episodes up right now; the reason I didn’t tell you about it before…well, would you understand if I told you that it’s called Puppet Rapist? I had to make sure it was safe for general consumption. Make sure to watch from the beginning; the first episode is like the best-made, funniest snuff film you ever saw.

Second, the inimitable Lore (who now has a new blog on Wired) linked to a website where cartoon bunnies re-enact famous movies in 30 seconds. They’re all great, but if you can only watch one this holiday season, watch Reservoir Dogs.


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  1. Those bunnies totally made my day. Thanks!

    Comment by Fae — April 11, 2006 @ 7:27 am

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