June 23, 2006

Look out, honey, cause I’m using technology

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As Amazon or Netflix might say, if you’ve enjoyed reading Tomemos, you might enjoy these other UC Irvine English grad student blogs: The World’s Forgotten Boy and Acephalous. Actually, both blogs are better representations of the department than mine, because both authors write much more, and much more eloquently, about their ideas concerning literature, philosophy, academia, and so forth, whereas I’m just an ex-con trying to get my kids back. The point is both are worth reading all the time, and are worthy replacements to two blogs (left unnamed to protect the guilty) I used to link to which have gone fallow.

An aside: many of you will recognize that “The World’s Forgotten Boy” is from the chorus to the Stooges song “Search and Destroy.” Except that for the longest time I thought the lyric was “I am the world’s folk island boy,” whatever that means (unless it refers to a specific island, in which case it would be “I am the world’s Folk Island boy”). So now whenever I visit the blog, that song pops into my head…but sheer force of mental habit means that “folk island boy” is always what runs through the iPod of my mind.



  1. That is absurdly kind. I love the Stooges as modern Rorschach test. Because, in fact, Tomemos is a folk island boy, though not one in violation of John Donne. He’s folk like Nick Drake, and Island like good reggae.

    Comment by ForgottenBoy — June 27, 2006 @ 6:34 pm

  2. “…through the iPod of my mind.”

    That’s some kind of poetry. The advertising kind, but hey–poetry.

    Comment by Devin — June 28, 2006 @ 9:58 pm

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