September 19, 2006

You never slow down, you’ll never grow old

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It seems like only yesterday I was linking to The World’s Forgotten Boy, a blog by a grad school friend of mine. Looking at my archive, I see it was three months ago. In any event, he’s moving to WordPress and coming out of the computer lab (wait, I can do better—coming out of the server closet?); he’s writing under his own name, Joseph Kugelmass, and the blog is called The Kugelmass Episodes. Time was you could read through his entries with a feeling of perfect solitude, reading entries, unadorned by comments, on a black screen. Of course, that was before he had told more than five people about it; now, the thing is going gangbusters, and I’m proud to have been there on the ground floor, or at least the mezzanine.

I’m going on about Joe’s blog because it’s changed the way I’ve thought about my own: I see myself doing more in the way of analytical musings and less reporting on what’s generally up in my life. The autobiographical well can run dry very frequently, but for a grad student thinking and opinionation never go out of style, and, impressed with the insight and discussion on view on Kugelmass Lane, I’ve been trying the impromptu essay on for size. It’s early yet, and I don’t expect that I’m abandoning autobiography completely, but basically like how it’s going so far.


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  1. More power to you. I’ve been thinking of doing the same thing (well, that would entail starting a blog) just as a sort of mental exercise to keep my writing and thinking skills sharp.

    Comment by Brandon — September 24, 2006 @ 1:10 pm

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