November 8, 2006

If you beat me in a dream, you better wake up and apologize

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I wish someone had taken me up on that $10 bet I proposed, because it’s already entered the “sucker bet” category:

WASHINGTON (CNN) — A Democratic takeover of the Senate is appearing likely after an ongoing canvass of votes in Virginia produced no significant changes in the outcome of the hard-fought race led by Democratic challenger Jim Webb, sources told CNN Wednesday.

Wednesday night, with Webb leading Republican Sen. George Allen by about 7,200 votes and the canvass about half complete, The Associated Press declared Webb the winner.

So, um, that’s that. Control of both chambers. And it looks like we may not even have to wait too long to be sure. When I read this article on Kos, saying that Allen was considering not seeking a recount, I thought it was intriguing, but ultimately wishful thinking. I figured there’s no way that an incumbent Senator would let such a close result go, particularly with control of the Senate at stake. But check this out, from the CNN article:

While stopping just short of saying Allen will concede, the [Allen] source said it is a “daunting proposition” for the senator to overcome Webb’s lead.

And, from the AP:

The adviser said that Allen was disinclined to request a recount if the final vote spread was similar to that of election night.

It makes a certain kind of sense: the recount would almost certainly not result in any change for Allen, so at least the GOP can avoid the “Sore Loserman” tag. And, as Kos points out, Allen really wants to be President, not a weakened Senator; he’s probably anxious to nurse his wounds. But it’s still startling that the Republicans are so shell-shocked that they are apparently not going to go to the wall for the deciding Senate seat.

Incidentally, the NY Times article I linked to below now says that Bush called the victory a “thumping,” not a “thumpin.” Which is it, mainstream media?


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