November 8, 2006

You have no chance to survive make your time

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My excitement about the Democrats’ win in the 2006 midterms does not match my crushing, bitter disappointment in 2004, which genuinely depressed me (I believe the record will bear this out). I’m excited now, certainly, and optimistic, and energized, but I don’t feel that my world has changed much. Partly it’s that I expected us to win; the polls were certainly going in that direction, and so as soon as things started going well I wasn’t surprised. Partly it’s that in 2004 we were going up against Bush directly, rather than dozens of evil surrogates. And I suppose that it’s hard for relief to match up with disappointment. My team narrowly lost the 2002 World Series, and those memories still haunt me. If we had won, I doubt that would sustain me for long; I’d want another championship. You can’t get enough of success.

(Do you like my persistent use of the first person plural to refer to both the Democrats and the San Francisco Giants? I did give like $20 to the DCCC, and I bought a bunch of baseball tickets in ’02, so I would say I can claim some stake in it all.)

I am certainly relieved that there is not some magical GOP curse that means the Democrats will never win another election. Karl Rove is not the boogeyman, he’s just a man—an evil, awful man, but still just a (horrible, ugly) man. The Republicans did not steal this election, and it never looked like they would: as Acephalous pointed out, this one was not close enough to steal. So democracy works, sorta. Close enough for government work.

I’m going to write more lucidly about the election soon (maybe), but I wanted to get this much down on e-paper while it’s still fresh: I will bet anyone in the world ten dollars that when the dust settles the Democrats will have won the Senate too. If you want to take me up on this, leave a comment saying so and we’ll settle it when the decisions are official. In the meantime, don’t spend my money on anything.

12:33 p.m.: Edited to fix a few 3 a.m. grammar mistakes.



  1. I think you’re right – the senate will eventually be ours (I can do the first person plural as well as you!), it may just take a while. Let’s play a fun game. Compare and Contrast: November 2006 vs. November 1994. Hopefully this takeover will come with a smaller side-order of hubris than Newt’s Republican Revolution. So, no government shutdowns or impeachments, mmkay? You hear me Pelosi?

    Comment by Brandon — November 8, 2006 @ 7:22 pm

  2. I really hope obama wins and he has the whole senate and house full of democrats – yahoo!!!
    let the dems do the driving:
    1)2009 dont drill , oil goes to 200 a barrel,bringing $9 gas.
    2)2009 mid year massive jobs lost (no reasonable oil cost,cost jobs)
    3)dems raise taxes to pay for more programs to stive off depression.
    4)2009 end year ,dow at 7770
    5)food cost rise 8% 2009
    6)foreclosures keep rising 2009
    7)2010 new jobs program and same ol
    8)2010 new health care program hits
    9)2011 cost of all of dems new programs cost $381 bil a month on new additional debt Interest payments / causing worst national debt ever. america is broken.
    jobless figures at 18%
    street riots /crime rises to all time highs as folks are broke and looking for food.
    america is in the shit and our president is made to be the fall guy by his own party.
    people now borrow on homes to pay for fuel,food,utilites.
    10)2012 americas banks are falling due to 3 years of non-growth and job loses due to bad energy policy.
    11) Dead dog catchers run in 2012 election as new Republicans and end up winning all seats and the president post.
    Hope you guys win – this will be fun for some to watch ,i dont live by the city but if you do,get out of there and grow your own food.

    Comment by Jess McClure — July 24, 2008 @ 9:26 pm

  3. Jess,

    I suppose that, in a McCain Presidency, the timeline would start with “1)2009 drill in Alaska, offshore, Yosemite get huge strike of bubbling crude, texas tea bringing $.50 gas.” At any rate, congratulations on the Republicans’ impending victory in every single Congressional election.

    Comment by tomemos — July 27, 2008 @ 6:59 am

  4. looks like i’ll be right and you’ll be broke

    Comment by Jess McClure — November 18, 2008 @ 7:02 pm

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