November 1, 2007

Playing with Power

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If it’s November, it must be time for me to blog about my Halloween costume. I went as Captain N, the Game Master, star of a half-hour cartoon commercial for Nintendo that aired on Saturday mornings in the late 80’s and early 90’s. I never watched the show, and honestly had forgotten all about its existence until a friend mentioned that it was available on Netflix. So Julie (who did watch the show, I’m just saying) and I rented it, and, well. Hmm.

Here’s a test to do when you’re considering renting a cartoon you remember from your childhood: do you have a single positive memory about watching that show when it was first on? If not, stay far away: that show is too terrible even to be funny, and it even doesn’t feature the toy ads which were half the reason you were watching in the first place. We made the exact same mistake by renting the Legend of Zelda cartoon one night and watching it with a friend. Between the three of us we couldn’t come up with enough jokes to make it worth it.

But nonetheless the guy’s hair looks like mine (visual reference here), so that’s what I went as. More Halloween ’07 photos are available at my long-neglected Flickr account, including the glorious sun and the three different people playing Hunter S. Thompson in I’m Not There, Either, the new Todd Haynes movie about Hunter S. Thompson.

As for next year, who knows. I enjoyed dressing up this year, including the usual quests to get the costume together—thrift store shopping, driving out to a used video game store in Torrance on the day of the party to buy the controller and gun, sewing on the N—but I can feel the enthusiasm ebbing out of me, and I can see myself being done with costumes by, oh, age 30 or so. What an early bloomer I am—that’s only seven years after I learned to drive!


November 2, 2005

Making love with his ego

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Ladies and gentlemen, I present myself, Ziggy Stardust, Halloween 2005. Not only is this the last Halloween costume of the year, it’s the last Halloween costume I’ll ever do.

No, it’s not. That’s just what David Bowie said at the end of the Ziggy Stardust tour. The costume came out okay, given that I painted those stripes on myself and I’m terrible at arts and crafts. To be sure, it doesn’t look like it was supposed to (the source photo I was using, sent by the incomparable Megan Burns, is here), but it looks feasibly like something Bowie might wear, especially with the wig and the gold circle as give-aways; I think three people recognized it with no prompting on party night.

The rest of my pictures from this Halloween, and Halloweens past, are here. While you look at those, I’ll be thinking of next year…

November 1, 2004

I’ve coughed up scarier stuff than that

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Gentlemen, behold: My 2004 Halloween costume! Duffman! OH YEAH!

By my reckoning, my top 10 Halloween costumes:

1: 2002. Aquaman. Bleached hair, dishwashing gloves, tights, green underwear, orange shirt with drawn-on scales.

2: 2004. Duffman. Trucker hat, sunglasses, cape, muscle shirt, runner’s belt with Budweiser.

3: Circa 1989. Shark. Full-body cloth shark costume.

4: Circa 1987. Trapjaw (villain from Masters of the Universe). Papier-mache Trapjaw helmet.

5: 1998. Georgie (droog from A Clockwork Orange). Top hat, white shirt, white jeans, jock strap and cup (as a codpiece), steel-toed boots, cane. Accompanied by Alex, Pete, and Dim.

6: Circa 1992. Serial killer. Plastic knife, fake blood, Albert Einstein mask with balloon inside (held as a severed head).

7: 1999. The Dread Pirate Roberts. Black head scarf, black eyemask, black gloves, black shirt, black pants, boots, sword.

8: 2003. Waldo. Round glasses, red-and-white striped shirt, jeans. No hat.

9: Circa 1991. Death. Red plastic skull mask with cowl and hologram eyes, robe, scythe.

10: Circa 1990. Pirate.

Man, what a great holiday. A number of my friends have already outgrown it, which strikes me as such a shame. Admittedly my maturity level might be a little low on this score–for instance, Halloween is the only time I enjoy clothes shopping–but a really well-chosen and well-executed Halloween costume is a chance to show off your craftiness (D+) and nerdiness (A+) all in one. Some people customize their computers, I dress up like superheroes.

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